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Long weekends are so high five-worthy
Published on January 31, 2006 By Teegstar In Marriage
Hi all

So, like, what's happening? Over here, not a whole lot... which is pretty much just what people say when they can't be bothered thinking about what really has been going on in their lives. And since that's no way to write a blog, I'd better start thinking.

Matthew and I have started walking in the mornings. It's totally rad. We get up at early o'clock and walk for about 3 kilometres around our place. It was a bit of a struggle at first, especially considering Matthew's not really a morning person, but we've been doing it for about two weeks now and we love it. Matt normally takes a bit to wake up in the morning, so going for a walk gives us some time to chat and by the time we get home and start getting ready for work, we're both awake. What it does mean though is that we're going to bed really early too. I think if I could I'd be in bed at 8.30 every night! So I can see how that might play havoc a bit with our social lives. So far, though, it hasn't been too much of a hindrance.

The other awesome news is that Matthew was accepted into the uni course he was hoping for! He'll be attending my alma mater from February 27 and he's super excited to be finally pursuing the career he's had in mind for so many years. (high school teaching, for those not in the know) I'm excited for him too, although part of me wishes it was me that was going back to uni -- it wasn't until I started working full-time that I truly appreciated the option of going shopping on Monday afternoons or sleeping in four days out of seven. Oh well, uni doesn't pay quite as well as working, somehow... which will mean an adjustment for us, as Matt won't be working full time anymore. We've done our maths though, and provided he can get a half-decent part time job, we should be fine.

We've got a long weekend coming up this weekend -- yaay! We'd been tossing up going on a mini-break (that phrase reminds me of Bridget Jones) but we've opted to stay home and use the money we would have spent on accommodation to pay for groovy things closer to home. I was trawling a "what's on" Brisbane website today and I've found two (free!) events I'm keen to try out -- an open-air screening of The Sound of Music on Saturday night and a free come-and-try croquet day on Sunday. Croquet! Just think! So Alice in Wonderland.

Nuf! Ciao til later...


on Jan 31, 2006
Ah, that explains the sleepiness at 9:10pm. My apologies btw, my bad.
on Feb 01, 2006
Ahh good to see that we are all getting to know the early bed times Sounds lovely going for a walk together!! You just need a puppy now...
on Feb 01, 2006
oops, I hope Mat has a great time!! Uni is soooooooooooo much fun!! Do you realise what this means??! You will be married to a uni student