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oh, how sad the plight of the medical drama addict
Published on January 10, 2006 By Teegstar In Misc
Hi everyone

Life's awesome. I've been walking on sunshine for the past week or so -- for no real reason except that I'm just happy. Matthew and I had a great Christmas in Melbourne and New Year's on the Sunshine Coast but it's great to be back sleeping in a normal bed again, instead of on the floor on dodgy blowup matresses (or no matress at all) in other people's houses. So maybe that's why I'm so happy... I'm getting a normal amount of sleep again!

While I was on holidays I started looking at other jobs... I even got an interview and the guy all but offered me the job, but I turned it down because it was less money than I'm currently on. It's funny, while I was on holidays I was almost dreading coming back to work, but now I'm back I'm loving it again. Weird hey -- it should almost be the other way around. I suppose I have made a concerted effort to have a great attitude about work and I'm sure that has something to do with the way I feel about it now. Before I went on holidays I was tired and a bit burnt out and didn't care, but my philosophy now is that if I'm at work, I'm going to do my best at whatever I'm doing, contribute and really make my work count. And it's awesome -- I've been writing some really cool stories! I did one yesterday about the impact of Americanism on Australian culture... nothing really ground-breaking, but really fun. Part of me wonders if I'm really cut out to be a news journo, but if I got to do stories like that all the time, I could definitely hack it. (No pun intended, but aren't I witty?) So work's looking up at the moment. I'll certainly keep my eyes on the "Positions Vacant" column, but I'm not itching to move anymore. Actually, it occurs to me that my desire to move was just a need for change and excitement. The combination of a holiday and a fresh approach to work seems to be doing the trick, all without the pesky packing up and making new friends.

Home life is also quite rad. Matthew is still adorably awesome and it's totally cool to have my best friend around all the time. I'm also settling into my role as domestic goddess quite comfortably. It had to happen sometime! My latest culinary boon was finding a kilo of beautiful cherries at the produce markets on Saturday for only $5. Me be stoked.

Really, the only cloud in my silver lining at the moment is that Grey's Anatomy seems to have finished for the time being. I relished every moment of last night's double episode and then recoiled when they didn't follow it up with a "next week on the show...". They just had an irritatingly tantalising teaser for whenever they decide to continue running it! I'm completely stricken and I've spent the better part of today's spare moments trawling the show's website for anything to sate my Grey's cravings. I'm tempted to think I have a crush on the male doctor guy (even if I did, I could never admit it... I am a married woman after all) but I think I just love the sexual tension between him and Dr Grey. Actually, I just love all the characters on the show. And their interactions. And the story lines. Oh, when will they bring it back!?!?!?

Enough! I need to go and find something to calm me down. Now, where was my web history for the show's website again...?

Shamelessly pop-culture lovingly yours,


on Jan 18, 2006
if your up for some illegal action i may be able to hunt you down some US grey/gray/whatevers anatomy stuff...
on Jan 19, 2006
SOunds great!! If you are looking for more stories apart from the ones I suggested I can enquire for you on sunday who the media rep is at work