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Published on December 15, 2005 By Teegstar In Misc
So I'm at work and it's nuts here at the moment. Firstly, because tomorrow we are having new carpet laid (hooray!!!) so everyone has packed up all their crap so we can move desks out of the way. I've already cleaned up my area but there are still people scurrying around the place as the office space becomes barer and barer.

Secondly, and more frustratingly, the system we write our stories into has died. Everything I'm writing today is finished and all I have to do is click "Send" but I can't until the server works itself out! Very cranky-making!

on Dec 15, 2005
sounds fun, didn't u guys have carpet issues a while ago with the humorous vandals?
on Jan 10, 2006
nice remembering work! that was at the other office, they stuck a fire hydrant hose under the door and flooded us out. no, at the main office they've just replaced the carpet because the stuff that was there had been there since about 1893 and was only tenuously held together with gaffa tape.