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Published on September 30, 2005 By Teegstar In Home & Family
Hi there!!

Well yes, the rumours are true. I get married tomorrow!! I'm so excited!! Only 21 1/2 hours to go!!

Hee hee I'm so pumped! Matthew and I are going to be together forever! Yippee!!


on Sep 30, 2005
Great news!!
Best of luck to the both of you!!
on Sep 30, 2005
I must say that I'm excited for you.

As Mano said, best of luck!

on Oct 01, 2005
Congrats guys! Teegs you looked stunning, pity the men that missed out on you. Matt, smart as always, i'd say something about girls missing out on you but don't feel like i'm qualified.
on Oct 02, 2005
Twas a beautiful wedding. I always cry and beam-smile at weddings, but this one was extra special. I love you both very much and am so happy for you.
on Oct 08, 2005
Congratulations Teegs. May your marriage be life long and happy.
on Nov 22, 2005
it's been ages, well past honey moon.. where are you teegs?