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Published on August 20, 2005 By Teegstar In Home Improvement

Well, guess what? We looked through a unit yesterday. And it's pretty much perfect. I'm really excited because I feel like I've been waiting for this for ages! (I guess it hasn't really been that long) I'm also excited because I'm running out of room in my bedroom and under my parents' bed for our rapidly expanding collection of homewares! God bless our generous friends and relatives who keep showering us with gifts!!

So the place is cool -- two bedrooms (one's tiny, which will be our study), renovated kitchen and bathroom, airconditioning and a balcony. Heaps of storage, comes with a dryer... the list goes on. Oh, and the fridge we want fits perfectly in the cavity in the kitchen. Like it's tailor-made or something.

We put in a rental application yesterday and should know early next week whether it's ours. If so, Matthew moves in on Friday!! Hooray!!

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on Aug 21, 2005
for anyone who's interested, our application was successful -- we start moving on Friday!
on Aug 24, 2005
Hooray, good onya mate.
on Sep 09, 2005
congrats guys! sounds awesome. btw teegs, sorry bout not updating you my computer has been out for the count (or is that down), either way i'd like to meet up at some stage anyway, you got any time?
on Sep 11, 2005
i think it's out, not down, but then i'm not that au fait with my boxing terminology at the moment. (although i must say i have seen Cinderella Man and it was great).

it'd be great to catch up sometime, but i don't know when. the next three weeks are a write-off in the lead-up to the wedding and then we're honeymooning for another 4 weeks. between now and then though, stay in touch via ju and hopefully we'll see you (albeit briefly, i'm sure) at the church on Oct 1! i'm getting really excited!!
on Sep 11, 2005
Understandably. that was in reference to the excited part and i spose the busy part as well. Cripes though, 4 weeks, you sure you won't get sick of each other?
on Sep 12, 2005

Good to hear you found a place.  First "homes" are always so fun.

Oh, and it's: "down for the count".  You don't have to be "out" you just have to be "down".

on Sep 12, 2005
thanks, karma. we're very excited!

fishhead - i hope we won't be sick of each other after 4 weeks... we're going to be living together for a lot longer than that!
on Sep 12, 2005
lol, just make sure you take some board games or something. where you going anyway? unless of course it's a secret.
on Sep 13, 2005
it's not a secrety secret, but it is a bit secret, so i won't say anything yet. but we're not going overseas or anything really big like that. everything we're doing will be very low-key.
on Sep 21, 2005
ah so not high level government classified, just 'toby likes sally but don't tell anyone else' classified?
on Sep 22, 2005
what?? toby likes sally?? i didn't know!

but yes, a rather accurate analogy.
on Sep 25, 2005
i didn't even know toby personally. or unpersonally, in fact not at all. but i know sally through a friend of a friend.
on Sep 26, 2005
I had a very weird dream last night about your hitchin. We were all at the reception and it was time to get the food. Buffet style, but the catering service was very strict and you could only take one dish at a time (one course), however they had everything laid out in a row. |_1_|_2_|_3_|_4_| <--- buffet table. The meal was a four course meal and we had to take the food from the alotted section (so it if was course one, then tray 1). A girl who was in front of me took food from another tray that wasn't the numbered course, so the catering company stopped giving out all the food, said it was over and that no one else could have food. No negoitating would allow andyone food. They took all the plates away and everything!! The sucky part was I was really hungry in my dream and no food to eat. No one else seemed all that bothered by it... was weird!!!
on Sep 26, 2005
I think you'll find it has something to do with the meat issue from the previous entry. Teegs take note.
on Sep 27, 2005
If my memory is right, you are getting married this weekend.

Congrats (a bit in advance) Teegstar. I wish you and Matthew all the best!