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now? can't it be in, say, 8 weeks or so?
Published on July 30, 2005 By Teegstar In Home & Family
Hi there

Well the working day is nearly drawing to a close, thank the Lord! I've been working today and I'm tired. It's Saturday here in Australia at the moment, for all you people livin' in the past in the USA. It's the first time I've done a Saturday shift -- pretty much a long, boring day of ringing people's answering machines and hoping my reason for being at work isn't validated by a UFO landing or outbreak of the Black Plague. In which case I'd have to stay late and write stories about it.

So we've been looking for a place to live once we get married (in 9 weeks today -- hooray!! Only 63 more sleeps!). Up until now there have been a handful of nice places on realestate.com.au in the area that we want to live and in our price range (that is, "cheap"). But there's one place we saw online today that looks very promising. It's in a very convenient location, is big enough for us but not too big and is a really great price. It looks perfect. The only thing I'm not sure of is the timing... whether we actually want to have found the perfect place just yet. Nine weeks out to the wedding, Matthew would move into it by himself until we got married. Which would mean him living further away, and much of our evenings are already spent driving to and from one another's houses. I'm just not sure if him moving there is ideal yet.

The other thing, and this is kind of silly, is that I want us to move in together. That is, both of us at about the same time. I want us to build a routine and set up shop and decide what goes where together. And if he's lived in our house for, like, two months before I come along, it won't be like that.

On the other hand, having somewhere to put all our stuff wouldn't be such a bad thing. And about a thousand relatives will all be staying at Matthew's family's house from the beginning of September so perhaps the more space there, the better.

Anyway, that's my little pondering for the day. Don't bust a gut replying with lots of advice... I know we'll work out what's best. But if you read this, thanks for listening. I'm going home now.


on Jul 30, 2005
The Universe will sort it all out. Whatever happens will be what was meant to happen and you will find benefit in it. (My religion's way of saying "It's all part of God's plan").
on Jul 31, 2005
thanks, champ. you're a legend, even if you've been coming across very buddhist-y of late

and yeah... writing again, not writing again -- i've decided my blog is my space. i write for me and i write when i want. it's a very liberating stance somehow.
on Aug 01, 2005
She lives!

Wow the great day rapidly approaches, hope all goes well with the house hunting and whatnot.

I agree with your stance on the blog, I write when I have something to say and when I don't I don't try to force it.

take care teegs,