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Published on February 19, 2004 By Teegstar In Misc
Hey everyone

This is just a very short post basically to assure you that yes, I am still alive! Due to unforeseen circumstances beyond my control, I've actually been WORKING at work. Go figure. As a result I've been disturbingly productive, albeit suffering Strongbad and blogging withdrawal symptoms. My doctor tells me these will pass.

News from the past week or so: last night we went into the Valley to celebrate my sister turning 18. We listened to very funky jazz music, witnessed a fight, drank coffee and for some reason found ourselves at my university at about 2am. I'm still not quite sure how that happened, but hey, t'was my sister's night and she was calling the shots. I guess when you're on the verge of beginning uni it still holds a modicum of novelty. That being said, I'd be lying if I suggested that even after three years of full time study I didn't still enjoy being a uni student. I love it.

Due to last night's revelries I was pretty tired today. I plan to be abed very shortly. There isn't much more to report other than Dad and I inspected a car for prospective purchasement today. A little red Ford Laser... not the swankiest car in the world but it looks like a goer nonetheless. What bliss, to have wheels once more!

Tomorrow night I'm going to rocco's for satay chicken. Hands up who loves hanging around with terrific friends!! *shoots hand up* So often I am amazed at what a marvelous bunch of people my mates are. Love to you guys!

Thanks for listening, all. Hope you're having a groovy night. Leave me a post and tell me how your day was!

Some witty ending salutation I can't think of thanks to sleep deprivation,

on Feb 20, 2004
..... Sup?

I once had to see my Doctor about internet related withdrawal symptoms... He suggested I compile a mix-tape or CD of Strong Bad and HSR related audio I have on my hard drive and play it to everyone I meet.. Or just while in the car and when I'm trying to get to sleep... or something.. I don't quite remember. I was quoting Teen Girl Squad to him at the time. It's all a bit of a blur....

The trip to BrisVegas, and time spent in said metropolis was saturated with uber-coolness. The drive home, on the other hand, was not so fun. Not long after I passed Caboolture, the caffeine in my system was no longer having any effect and I was starting to feel like Homer Simpson as he is 'driving' his bed down the road on the way to work. I usually find that shouting "IF YOU FALL ASLEEP, YOU WILL SURELY DIE!!" while in this situation, it seems it wake me up. Not long before I was home and settled in for a nice 3hr power nap before an unproductively warm day of working on the car.

By this morning I was almost feeling human again, so I went to work. The day was filled with painting, whacking in boundary pegs, running from red-bellied black snakes and extruding about seven litres of liquid through my pores. The 1.5 litres of Coke on the way home was a welcome relief, I can tell you!

Tonight I ordered some Wayne-San Takeaway food, but slave was sick and Max told me to munch on some magma so I resigned to cooking it myself. Wingdings, fish fingers and chips in sweet chilli sauce is what I ended up getting which went well with some '80s B-Grade comedy movie on the Comedy Channel. I might just head out for supper and good kawfee soon. I love having the house to myself! Alllllllllllll weekend! *party dance*

By the way... Saturday afternoon I will be in town for a Rock Climbing expedition of sorts. It starts at 5 and will quite possibly be all over by 9pm and I was wondering what you were up to before/after? Let me know if you're interested in meeting up and we can work something out. As of now, I don't know any more details about my whereabouts tomorrow or who I will be with, so you are now as well-informed as I am!

Ford Lasers are Da Bomb! And you're possibly getting the fastest one there is! Rocket Red *sobs* I miss my Laser.. *consoles himself* AHEM! Hoping you enjoyed your Chicken Satay... mmmmmm.... Chicken Satay....

May your nights be slumber-filled and your days be in air conditioning

on Feb 22, 2004
chicken satay went off. an ultra groovy night

sorry i missed mixin it up with you pre/post rock climbing. i only just read this message here and by the time you smsed me last night i was booked. i hope you had a good time though!
on Mar 01, 2004
ahhh i have been reading your blog of late and have come across some cool anecdots and random quotes .... this strongbad sounds interesting (a friend told me about homestarrunner.com)
I am also interested as to why your sister wanted to go to your university so early in the morning (not drunk i hope) you should have put her in her place ("back of my hand => your face")
as for your endevor to rid yourself of tiredness ..."SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK!!"

the turkster
*is salute you for your funky jazziness