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Published on May 8, 2005 By Teegstar In Misc
I think I work too much. I just sat down at the computer here at home on a Sunday afternoon, and instinctively went to open WinText, the program I write articles in at work. I've also noticed I reach to dial "0" to get an outside line when I go to make a phone call at home. And opening a magazine website or non-work email, I'm getting a compulsion to glance around and check if someone's watching. Weird.

I think I need to get a life.

on May 08, 2005
I think I need to get a life.

A vacation can do wonders as well
on May 08, 2005
maybe you're right! i think i really need to make more of my weekends... well, uni will be over in a matter of weeks and i'm looking forward to a more relaxed lifestyle then.
on May 10, 2005
Heya babes.

Glad to see you back!

Work does have terrible ramifications on one's mental health and general well being and should be avoided at all cost. If this isn't possible, one should skite off as much as one can without losing one's job.

How long until the wedding??? How long have you been engaged??? I am so out of the loop!

Hope all's well honey,

Suz xxx
on May 10, 2005

Work does have terrible ramifications on one's mental health and general well being and should be avoided at all cost.

I guess that would depend on where you work.  I don't get much personal email, but the one's I do get I don't worry about somebody "watching" me when I respond.  Surfing the net isn't exactly a "no-no" here, either. 

Maybe it's not your "life" that you need to change- maybe it's just your job

on May 10, 2005
suz: hey, thanks for coming by! sounds like your time in Paris was bee-yewdiful!! ou, la plus de belle, is probably more appropriate! matthew proposed in february and we are getting married on October 1 this year! i'm soooooo excited!! of course everything here is now a flurry of wedding plans but thankfully it hasn't been too crazy.

karma: yes, truth be known i work at a pretty flexible place. as long as i get all my work done, there isn't much whip-cracking over web surfing or email. so i'm pretty lucky in that respect. but it's so rare that i sit down at a computer only for recreational purposes these days (always for work or uni), so unwinding is something i have to re-teach myself.
on May 12, 2005
I think you were lucky to catch it before it went terminal. Fun is the only cure.