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Published on March 14, 2005 By Teegstar In Misc
Somewhere in the world today, someone (or more likely, lots and lots of people) is having a birthday. Fortunately for me, one of those happy people works in my office. So we get cake! Let me tell you, few things brighten a potentially dull workday and line arteries with saturated fat more quickly than a mock cream-encased, refined flour-enriched, artificially coloured sprinkles-adorned sponge cake from Coles. The great thing about working where I do is that it doesn't necessarily have to be anyone's birthday for there to be a reason for cake. Well, no one actually in the office, anyway. Last week the chief-of-staff was hypoglycaemically pacing around trying to think of what cause of celebration we could conjure up as an excuse to have a cake. What joy ensued when she realised one of the photographers, currently halfway through his annual leave, was turning a new age that selfsame day! Despite his absence we all merrily chowed down on, not just a Coles cake, but a luscious Cheesecake Shop creation. Which just goes to prove you can't always have your cake and eat it too.

So, if it's your birthday out there, celebrate gaily in the fact that there are a handful of journalists out there, celebrating with you.

Bon anniversaire,

on Mar 15, 2005
Joyeux anniv' is more common.
on Mar 19, 2005
Pick picky...
on Mar 20, 2005
thanks champas -- seriously, i'm never going to learn to speak the language properly if i don't get corrected!
on Mar 30, 2005
Happy Birthday Tegans Mummy!!!! (and Fishhead!!!!)
on Mar 30, 2005
yaay! and, apparently, my subeditor at work! more cake!!!!
on Apr 29, 2005
Where have you gone, my sweet? I've seen you loitering...

Suz xxx