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Published on January 3, 2005 By Teegstar In Ancient
Hey everyone

It's a lunch break at work at the moment so I thought I'd seize the opportunity to say hi. Sitting down at the computer very briefly on the weekend I realised I couldn't remember the last time I'd used the internet at home. Usually after being in front of a computer all day at work I have better things to do, and I don't usually feel right blogging at work. Thus has my silence on the JU pages come about.

So yeah, I hear it's a new year? Time flies... and so much has happened in the past year! Exactly a year ago today I was gallivanting around the Melbourne CBD with my sister Raimey (poor Ali was back at my aunt's place sick) having had the most woeful of New Year's Eves in a remote, cicada and drunken teenager-filled corner of Victoria. Soon after I returned to Brisbane, decided I wanted to start a blog and discovered JoeUser. I went to Sonfest music festival (I'm going again this year, hurrah!), worked for my church as kids director and house-sat for Carrah. Matthew came back from England which was totally weird because we hadn't seen or spoken to one another for a year. I remember crying a fair bit in there. I started back at uni again and had my most successful semester to date: I juggled five subjects and managed to still get three 6s, a 7 and a 5. Things gradually became less weird with Matthew. I did work experience at the newspaper and realised that, after 4 years of studying journalism, I really did want to be a journalist after all. I was offered a job. I finished working for the church and uni recommenced. I started work and somehow managed to successfully hold down full time uni and full time work: I achieved a 4, a 5 and two 6s and still have a job thanks to my longsuffering employers and the grace of God. After four years of waiting, the time was finally right and Matthew and I got together. We're going to be together always. Praise God. Then there was all the lead up to Christmas, then the big day itself, the nutty week that invariably follows and New Year's Eve and Day.

And now, January 4 and I'm still here. Not just trying, but surviving and often thriving. I will admit this though: I'm ready for an early night tonight.

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