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because ol' Misc and I are getting way too friendly
Published on December 6, 2004 By Teegstar In Misc
Each time I sit to write a blog I am hit with a massive decision. What category do I select?

I can never seem to pick an appropriate category. The things I choose to blog about seem to be too random or trivial to warrant a category of their own. So most of my blogs just get lumped into the "miscellaneous" category. Good old miscellaneous. He and I are becoming so familiar, I just call him "misc" for short. Sometimes when we're feeling particularly relaxed, I'll refer to him as "The Big M".

If you were to suggest a new blogging category or 2.342, what would you add? Here are a couple to get your imagination glands secreting...

Why my job stinks (or just Work)
What I've eaten today, in sordid detail OR How drunk I currently am or got last night (or just Food and Drink)
When I grow up... (or just The Future)

Suggest a couple of your own!


on Dec 06, 2004
How are these?
Rants N Raves
Simply Bullsh-t
Believe It or Don't
on Dec 06, 2004
I'll second the food/drink one, i've tried to put a blog or two in that category already. Or maybe they could make a fill in the blank category? You type in whatever you want. Sure it wouldn't work well on the forum, but on your blog it would show with your category.
on Dec 06, 2004
writing... for the poetry and fiction people post.
on Dec 06, 2004
hiya Teegs,
I like the rants and raves...I'd call it "Venting" lol
Other possible categories

*What Pissed me Off Today
*What Brought a Smile to my Face Today
*Blog Games (you know...like all those blog questions ppl post; I especially like blu dev's lyrics game)
*Food and drink (like the others said..u know ..to trade recipes, share fave restaurants and food and stories and such lol)
*Music (i know we have "entertainment", but maybe one just for music)
*Men are from Mars...Women are From Venus

i'm sure i'll think of others ...lol
on Dec 07, 2004
I'll second the fiction category
on Jan 21, 2005
I need a category for humourous philosophy.