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Published on September 29, 2004 By Teegstar In Misc
Kids, it's time for an announcement: I've found the cure for cancer. It was right here in my office fridge all along! It's sitting in all it's furry glory nestled betwixt an alien lifeform cunningly secreted within a gherkin dip container and a bottle of wart remover that was once, in days long past, called milk. Such wonders of biology and chemistry, and all in one 80x120x40cm chilled space!

Fighting fungus with fungus,


on Sep 29, 2004
you are a little bit crazy darling... thats why we love you

on Sep 29, 2004
Teegs - when was the last time someone at your office cleaned out the fridge?

That's really gross - even if it WAS the cure for cancer I wouldn't let it near anyone

OH btw - rin called me just before if you didn't know J is back in hospital as of last friday
on Sep 29, 2004
when was the last time someone at your office cleaned out the fridge?

That's what our p/t secretary is paid to do... clean the fridge, wash up, water plants, answer phones... she'd make me coffee too if I wasn't such a caffeinated perfectionist. Down with Nescrapé! Hurrah to real coffee!

I have an idea to make a few tax-free dollars round the office.. maybe you could pit the new lifeforms aginst each other in a Scientific Spectacular/Battle of the Biology kind of thing and take bets! The odds of someone guessing that they will actually meld together and form some kind of funky mega-fungi are, I'd guess, about 100-1 so you're on a sure thing. It's a good risk! Just don't forget I want a percentage...

If you do it today, call in sick for the rest of the week and take a long weekend to enjoy the spoils (and to also give the HAZMAT team a chance to clean up).

What's that you say? I'm raving mad and should get some sleep? You just might be right there...
on Sep 30, 2004
I'm loving the clash of the fungal titans idea!! I should start a book and make my first million by the time I get graded!