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I was just looking on a couple of real estate sites to see what property prices are. I'm shocked! Sure, I knew that real estate prices had been going up but I thought there would be one or two dodgy places around the hood that wouldn't be too exorbitant. WRONG! Everywhere around the areas I'd like to buy and live (which, granted, are inner city suburbs) is so pricey. And the expectations of buyers are so high, too: one place touted a property as "ideal for first homebuyers" and it was half a million dollars! How are people meant to be able to enter the real estate market when everything starts so high? I imagined buying something small and a bit run down, but in a nice area, for a reasonable price and then working my way up. In my mind that was more realistic than what I think a lot of people do trying to buy their dream home first up and then struggling to pay back the huge mortgage. Maybe I was the unrealistic one thinking that the first investment could be so low. And maybe I am looking in the wrong areas; everyone knows the inner city is expensive.

Anyway folks it's quite a while before I could see myself taking the plunge and buying a place and today's exercise was more of a reconnaisance (sp?) one. To be sure, my eyes have been opened! I think I'll be saving for a bit longer than I anticipated.

Rentingly yours,


on Aug 30, 2004
I have given up on the dream of owning my own home... prices are exorbitant in Brisbane, but i was excited at how cheap they were compared to Melbourne!!!

Besides, mofo's should be payin me to live in their hoodz n shiz

I am happy to rent anyways, it gives me the freedom I will need for quite some time

on Aug 31, 2004
Besides, mofo's should be payin me to live in their hoodz n shiz

And what do you mean "How can I be good.."? Are you thinking that you'll have to knock over a bank and a couple of service stations if you're ever to buy yourself a house? Sometimes I think the same thing but then I remember that it's ILLEGAL and i'll probably go to JAIL!

But seriously... it just encourages me to think more creatively about how i'm going to earn a living. Will I invent something new or offer something that nobody has thought of or is willing to market, write a best-seller, beat the impossible odds by buying my first lotto ticket out of the blue and winning first division or find I have a wealthy relative who just decides to leave everything to me??

Creative thinking and hard work is the only way methinks...

Then again, dual incomes can help couples realise their dream of owning their own home. It's just a shame that this dream can set back another dream of having a family with one parent staying home to look after the kids. How times change. It seems like it all used to be so easy!

You're a smart girl. I'm sure you'll find a way to realise your dreams some day
on Aug 31, 2004
Well you could open a savings account that gives you interest and isn't accesable to take money out of -- (like Elana's trust)

put some in once a week or when you can - We're building a deposit now for a loan in 3 years
on Aug 31, 2004
the title is actually a quote from a play that i'm studying in drama at the moment (the good person of szechwan). but the character does make a point!

yeah i have a bank account with good interest and realistic savings goals at least for the short term. i know i'll get there! sorry for being so morbid everyone! for now it's to saving, unless i take up mugzie's idea and make people pay for the privilege of living near me -- it wouldn't be THAT out of the ordinary, considering my intergalactic radness levels.
on Aug 31, 2004
That, and you're oh-so humble!
on Aug 31, 2004
I have decided when it's time to get a house, I'm going to pray for God to give me one. I am happy to pay an amount for it, but God will have to find it for me, as I like TOO MANY houses that wouldn't be good for me. Atm it's becoming a highly tempting idea for me to travel oversea's within the next 3 years or so... maybe sooner depending on what I can do and who I talk to. You know, I have had an idea about buying a house with friends and that being the first house I own, do it up and see what happens from there. Of course depending on how many friends will depict how many rooms the house has.