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Published on August 24, 2004 By Teegstar In Misc
I'm feeling a little uninspired this morning. This isn't such a great thing considering I have about 8 articles to write by the end of the day however I'm sure I'll be able to pull inspiration from somewhere. I don't know why I feel like this as I've actually had a really great couple of days. This morning I went to a cool corporate breakfast at one of the top 10 golf courses in Australia and met several interesting people... I'm beginning to feel a little less like a dressed-up child and a bit more like a grown-up professional at things like this although it's going to take some time before the transition is complete. Hey I know deep down inside I'm always going to be a kid but there are times when you don't really want to feel like one... for example, when you're meeting school principals. I'm also learning to use the word "rad" less and resist the urge to adopt a gravelly Strongbad voice when talking to people about things like financial strategies. And if Lisa B ever reads this... sorry, but I don't think "groovox" is ever going to get a mention.

It's all a learning process, to be sure. It would seem growing up, or at least acting grown up is compulsory. Thankfully I have this outlet for when 8-year-old Teegs just HAS to get out!

I'm gunna stay up LATE tonight... like, 10 o'clock!


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on Aug 24, 2004
I Love You

You wanted to say RAD? - at all? - let alone at a function -- you really are a weirdo

Oh there was something I was going to say but I've totally forgotten...oh well

on another note I heard SonicFloods I want to know you more for the first time in AGES!!!!!!!!! yesterday -- it was the first sonicflood song I'd ever heard way back in grade 11 - like 5years ago now!!!
on Aug 24, 2004
Hey, you can act 8 whenever you like, that's what JU is for! And isn't it past your bedtime???

on Aug 24, 2004
yeah i'm nuts but i thought you'd have worked that out by now and you can't talk, gingernut girl!

yaay for acting like a kid! i've already got inkstains on my hands (the mark of a journalist) and a packed lunch, all i'm missing is a pair of mary janes, some pigtails and a runny nose.... actually i'll pass on that last one.

and... i don't WANNA go to bed!!!!
on Aug 24, 2004
I'm sorry, but it is way past your bed time, and you've school tomorrow, so brush your teeth and I'll read you a bedtime story...
on Aug 24, 2004
Arh timezones are fun aren't they - you wrote this blog about an hour ago - being 8pm wherever JU's timer is, sometime early morning where Aria is - in England and 11am here in Australia

I may be slightly crazy at times but I don't think I've ever said Rad - apart from here when I typed an hour ago and 30seconds ago - Saying Rad is the pinacle of weirdoness.
I left you a message on the frontpage of my blog btw.
on Aug 24, 2004
*pouts and stomps off in the direction of the bathroom*
on Aug 24, 2004
Well, it would be way past your bedtime if you were in the UK!

Can't say I've ever said rad either, but I am guilty of saying "cool" when my brain is not functioning at full capacity!
on Aug 24, 2004
timezones are fun aren't they

Ever heard of swatch internet time. Universal time just for the internet?

Internet Time
on Aug 24, 2004
No, I'll check it out...
on Aug 24, 2004
It's @130!
on Aug 24, 2004
"rad" is the new "cool", take it from me. but you do get some strange looks....
on Aug 24, 2004
Oh, ok. That's rad
on Aug 24, 2004
"rad" is the new "cool"

the new "cool"???

OMG, that takes me back, way back. Back to when I thought 25 was old, let alone anything past that. Nice post, btw, brings back memories...
on Aug 24, 2004
What happened to "wicked"? Or is that just an American thing? I've heard this strange expression "That's wicked cool" etc. Where do they get it from?!
on Aug 24, 2004
i don't know where wicked came from but it is widely used in australia too.

thanks ladycleve, i'm glad you enjoyed the post. and with regards to my referring to "rad" as new, i actually think that part of "rad"'s attractiveness is its old-school charm. kinda conjures up images of scrunch socks, slap bands and teenage mutant ninja turtles. ah, the 80s....