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Published on August 22, 2004 By Teegstar In Misc
Morning all!

Just thought I'd check in before I zoomed off to uni this morning. I had a great weekend: completed an essay, planned next week's edition of my newspaper liftout (it's on pets: I get to play with puppies!), great church service, extremely pleasant lunch with friends, more great church last night followed by an impromptu social gathering with some of my most groovy buds. Hope everyone else out there in JU land is doing well too... Have a good day!

I can get excited without wetting my pants -- go me,


on Aug 22, 2004
And here I am thinking that Depends might have a new demographic to aim their marketing at....

Combolations Elizagerth... great self-control!
(or something)
on Aug 22, 2004
what exactly were you checking in on Teegs? that we are all still alive??? hehe... thanks for you obvious concern!!!

Sorry about the other night, our conversation was cut short due to my phone doing what it does best... ringing and stuff.... talk again soon though! dont be an internet stranger!!!

on Aug 24, 2004
Oi - I'm so bored today

Wednesdays - blah

hey did you write matthews 21st invite - it looks like your writing -- and it was hand delivered to my mailbox - but we didn't get any visitors ....

bored bored bored -- How work?
on Aug 24, 2004
hey chicken

what's wrong with wednesdays? wanna write some stories for me?

no i didn't write them, i think his mum did. and i think her handwriting is a little neater than mine!! they must have dropped it in, because if i had been asked to (which would have been kinda weird i guess) i DEFINITELY would have come in and said hi!! how are you going anyway? it sounds like there has been some sort of drama which i missed due to my not-being-on-JU-much-ness? i hope it's more or less blown over now and it didn't upset you too much.

work's great actually!! i think i'm a bit tired today which is making my productivity run a little lower than usual (not too bad though thankfully). yesterday i met a million and one cute pets -- a whole litter of labradoodle puppies! they were so precious. anyway, talk to me! or email me, it's up to you. i love you heaps and heaps.

oh beavs is thinking of going to riverfire on saturday night. i know it's a bit short notice for finding a babysitter but do you want to come if you can? also rocco's planning another formalish dinner for soon -- yaay!! it's been so long since we did anything like that. and it's been simply ages since i've seen rocco