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Published on August 15, 2004 By Teegstar In Wildlife
The window pane is my protection and vantage point. From here, I can see out onto the whole world... today it's a crisp blue sky, a freshly washed and ironed sheet (but who irons their sheets?) spreat taut across the heavens. Washing flicks on clothes lines and the trees do a slow dance to the same rhythm. I smile, see my breath condense on the window and disappear in the same instant and enjoy the still sweetness of this late winter's day.

I step outside; the world changes.

Without my pane of glass for shelter I am at the mercy of the wind. It sweeps over me, blowing my hair around and jangling my earrings, disarranging my clothes and adorning me with leaves. Other people walk past me, heads down, fighting the invisible force. The wind confuses in a second what took time to build. I think back to the safety and tranquility of my window. From there I could view the world in all its beauty without having to actually come into contact with it. The outside world beyond the window is uncomfortable.

I stay outside.

It's more exciting here.

on Aug 16, 2004
I like it Did you keep a leaf?