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That is, I can't find anything I actually want to digest
Published on August 7, 2004 By Teegstar In Misc
There's a food out there that either I haven't discovered yet or hasn't been invented yet. Unfortunately, it's what I feel like right now. I'm really hungry (and tired and a bit sick) but there's nothing that I want to eat. Isn't that stupid?

What makes it even more stupid is that I'm pretty sure my tired and sick feelings would be alleviated at least somewhat if I nourished myself somehow but the fact I'm tired and sick is making me too [word like 'lazy' or 'ambivalent' which I can't think of right now, will mean to come back and amend but with then forget] to exert the energy to make something and then ingest it.

*would probably kick something if had the energy, then again would probably eat if had energy too*

tlfkjaeoiuoiuejg jeegstar (kicked keyboard instead... not really)

on Aug 08, 2004
I know the feeling. Imagine feeling that way for four months during a pregnancy. Try some yummy saltine crackers.
on Aug 09, 2004
I've felt like that before. I think maybe if one is too tired, one loses the desire to eat. It's quite a dilhema - you're too tired to feel like eating, yet you are actually hungry enough to be kept restless if you don't find something to eat. (Does that make sense?)
on Aug 09, 2004
You seem to want a new food that hasn't been invented yet... and you like toast, right? Well here goes... ima go invent a new delish dish* right here...

1) Hook yourself up with some toasted bread-stuffs that has been allowed to cool
2) Bring some butter to room temperature and spread sparingly over toasted baked goods
3) See that keyboard over there that you pseudo-kicked into the corner just before? Retrieve it and hold over toast in the upside-down position.
4) After you have checked out the stickers and played with its little legs a bit, shake the 'secret herbs and spices' from their hiding place while trying to achieve even coverage across the buttered toast surface. Technique is paramount here. Slight variation in positioning and shake-speed will ensure the maximum harvest of this rare topping.
5) Add some cracked pepper and garnish with chopped parsley or mint leaves depending on taste
6) Serve

Serving suggestion: Find 2 or 3 vintage ball mice, open and remove the ball from the underside. Gather as much of the stuff stuck to those little wheels as you can and serve as an appetising side-dish.

Bon App├ętit!

*may not be fit for human consumption
on Aug 10, 2004
Can so relate Teegs.
on Aug 10, 2004
Gosh you're a weirdo Wayne

I too can relate - I feel like that ALL the time -- watercrackers work for me though - even when I have no idea what i want watercrackers always make me feel better - plain watercrackers, cracked pepper watercrackers, watercrackers with dip of some discription or cheese, watercrackers with chocolate topping and watercrackers with hearty beef cup-a-soup.

MMM -- dick smiths watercrackers are the very best
on Aug 10, 2004
Dork... weirdo... make up your mind for cryin' out loud

What can I say? I'm at my most creative when i'm hungry and/or sleep deprived. Creative... weird... some would say they are one and the same
on Aug 10, 2004
mmm.... computer dust on toast... my favourite.

i'm at work! and i'm working!! i'm so excited, my job is the best will blog about it soon when i have more than 22 fleeting seconds to type furtively...
on Aug 10, 2004
at your most creative when hungry or sleep deprived -- i should starve myself more when i'm trying to write an intro par. like now... incidentally i'm hungry again. maybe your sleep-deprivation-starvation-derived creativity is a strictly wayne related phenomenon and not generalisable to the rest of the community?

and weird is good!
on Aug 11, 2004
And strange, as we all know, is bad.
on Aug 12, 2004
e-zackly. just as we determined back in... oh, it would have been 1998? time flies, hey.
on Aug 13, 2004
That's probably true. I don't usually find that I can be pigeon-holed with much stuff. The worst thing about my prime-time creativity is that sometimes i'm just too tired (or malnourished) to type.

A Wayne-Phenomena... I like the sound of that.

Do you have a daily or weekly story quota that you're obligated to meet or do you just have some sort of periodic workplace assessment thing going on? Deadline-related pressure would probably kill my creativity.