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Published on August 3, 2004 By Teegstar In Misc
Hi everyone

Again, a while since I've blogged and for that I apologise profusely. I realise JoeUser is just not the same place without a regular instalment of Teganesque insight and wit. In light of this knowledge I have deigned to take this time out of my very busy schedule to give you all the electronic equivalent of a courteous wave.

Now with that small chore done, I must move on to my other mammoth tasks: Showering, Dressing and Catching Up For Coffee With Friends.

Mushroom-smellingly yours (I blame my breakfast),


on Aug 03, 2004
Oh I'm so BORED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday *sigh* it's so far away from Saturday - not that Saturday would be much less boring but at least having NIck home would break the monotony --Plus its market week

Oh - Connie & Carla opens tomorrow - want to go see it some enchanted evening next week - I'm free everynight

(did Nick email you)

This is a very sucky way to interact with your so-called best friend btw
on Aug 03, 2004
hello darling

sorry to hear you're so bored my love!! maybe try doing a silly dance or teaching elana to say "economic trajectory" and "philanthropy". hours of fun for the whole family!!

no nick didn't email me... should he have?

connie and carla ay? id love to go and see it -- what about tomorrow night instead?

i love you heaps and heaps and heaps -- sorry i'm not there to make your life less boring somehow.
on Aug 03, 2004
because of Cheap Tuesday?

I'm not a student anymore and $9.50 is better the $14 PLUS seeing a movie on the day it opens is guarenteed to be busy busy busy Stepford Wives was pretty full as it was remember -- And do you remember Two Weeks Notice -- Nathan couldn't even get in so he and Josh saw 007 instead.

Either way I don't mind - I want to see it and Nick doesn't -- so he'll be in the house while Elana sleeps

re email - Well he says he hasn't sent it yet - I thought he may have but once again PA trina to the rescue - expect an email soonish (coupla days mate - meanwhile keep sunday aug 15 free)
on Aug 03, 2004
oh ok... well tuesday i'm not free (i'm going to see we will rock you!!), neither's wednesday and thursday i'll either be working till 9pm or will come home and talk to my family (because i start work on tuesday and won't have a chance to see them before that!). anyway we'll have to talk soon and figure out when works.

sunday 15th sounds fine, i await the promised email!
on Aug 04, 2004
*returns courteous wave*
I dont know what usually happens round here, but i'm new to these parts so I dont know what i've missed. So busy and such, sounds like you're famous or something?

congrats on the new job btw!
on Aug 04, 2004

I'm going to have to go and get a late night snack now.... reading that sign-off made me think of mushrooms and tomatoes frying in the pan with maybe a little onion & cracked pepper.... AHHHH!!! Now I'm smelling french toast cooking!!! Ima goin insaaannneee!

Sometimes I wish I didn't love food so much.... then I just feel hungry.
on Aug 04, 2004
How about Monday (9th) I was talking to Rin last night - Meegs Rin and I went to Mt Cootha for Hot Chocolate - it was nice - she's nterested in coming to see Connie & Carla with us.