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Published on June 1, 2004 By Teegstar In Misc
*breathes long sigh of relief*

sometimes i'm frustrated with the inability of text to convey exact sounds. you have to compensate in other ways -- imaginitive spelling, describing actions in asterisks... but it's just not the same.

that sigh of relief above could be interpreted in any number of ways, but only one of them truly sums up how it sounds. that sigh of relief that you sigh (yes, sigh is one of those groovy dual-function words which are both nouns and verbs) when you have a proverbial weight lifted from your shoulders. when you finally find yourself in a place where if you want to continue looking at your worries (but as if you do), you have to look backwards. and yes, it's that sigh you sigh when you have handed in two assignments, which have both played on your mind for weeks, in one day, finish your section for another and get out of a meeting in that selfsame day. it's a tired sigh... but a happy one.

this particular sigh in question though is even more loaded with relief and happiness, as it also incorportates anticipation of all the groovy things which are happening in the upcoming week. this, my friends, is a very special sigh.

back to sigh another day...


on Jun 01, 2004
I am intrigued Teegs!

you conveyed the meaning of your sigh quite well in your words!

Although - I often sigh when I am frustrated or upset... there are many uses for the sigh!

Rapheal the teenage mutant ninja turle used two of them! but that is spelt sai.... useless ninja fact of the day.

on Jun 01, 2004
Yay for you and your obvious optimism!
I love those sighs too. They kind of book mark the end of a tough period and mark the start of a new one.
Have a good week!
on Jun 01, 2004
Loved the Madonna quote as well!
on Jun 03, 2004
Yesterday I was like... "Maddy quote? What the?". Then I figured it out.

Now "Like a Virgin" has been playing through my mind like a bad karaoke song all day! I guess I should be glad that it's not something like Miss Spears' "I'm a slave for you" or some such rubbish...

I'm glad you're finally able to come up for air with your studies at tho mo... kinda setting you free to have a rockingly fantabulous time this weekend.
I think we should film ourselves and the festivities and make our own 24Hour Party People movie. Whatcha reckon? Know anyone who would lend us a DV cam?

*wanders away snickering mischievously*
on Jun 03, 2004
the man's a thinker....

either the harts or sami and jayden have one.... the davies might as well. that would be awesome fun indeed!!