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Hi all

I'm at uni once again with nine minutes till my lecture starts (although I don't know why I'm being so precise about it as I am invariably late) -- my second last lecture in this subject forever! It's Week 12 already... only one more week of classes after this one....

... and then it's my birthday...
.... and then it's swotvac....
.... then two weeks of exams....
.....then two weeks of internship (yaay!)...
..... then two weeks of holidays....
.... then second semester, which ALWAYS flies by at alarming speed....

.... THEN I'M FINISHED UNI! At least, I might as well be. My life as of the end of this year is going to be pretty different, different to the way it has ever been before. And that's scary, exciting, nervewracking, dream-inspiring, daunting, mind-boggling and a whole lot of other superfluous adjectives all rolled into one! I keep talking about it and thinking about it but it's because it's a really big thing! As I said, I'm excited -- who wouldn't be -- and I just feel like this year is like a ball rolling down a hill, gaining momentum and slipping by so quickly. But at the bottom of this hill is I Don't Know What But I'm Really Looking Forward To Finding Out.

The past week has been stressful, eventful and fun. Last night I handed in Horribly Big and Scary Assignment but it felt like such an anticlimax. I had been working on it steadily all week and I was determined to finish it and do well. It was on statistics, which as I said last time is not my strength and there were so many techniques I had to learn and understand. I'd been so worried about it but by the end I was actually understanding -- even helping some of the really smart students with things! Anyway it was due at 4pm yesterday but our tutor told us he actually wasn't going to pick up the assignments until 6pm so as long as we got them in by 6 we wouldn't get penalised for late submission. Yesterday I woke up early and worked on it the whole day so diligently just trying to finish it off and do a good job of it and it just got later and later -- at first I thought I'd have it in well before 4, then I thought I'd just make it for 4, then I thought, no, it's ok I'll get it in by 6. At half past five I went downstairs to print it off... we had run out of paper. My mum, being the absolute saint she is, zoomed down to the shops to get some but by that stage I knew I wouldn't get there in time anyway. It takes a good half hour to get to uni from my place. Mum came back bearing paper, I printed it off and ended up getting to uni by 6:15 (not a bad effort). So I handed it in late, but I handed it in. Thank God.

When I came home I was a bizarre combination of exhausted and restless (I feel sorry for my mum and sisters who have to put up with me). I had thought I would just be so relieved when I had submitted the assignment but as I said, it was just anticlimactic. What I really felt like doing was going out somewhere and just chilling out with my friends, calling up Lisa, Nathan, Wayne, Nat and Matt and going and having coffee and laughing and being stupid and forgetting about uni. By that time though it was kind of too late to organise anything and mum told me I shouldn't go out which then bugged me even more because I don't like it when she tells me what I can and can't do but then I bug myself because instead of telling her I'm annoyed I just sit on it because I don't want to make a big deal of something little but then I get agitated and annoyed and.... ARGHH!! In the end I rang Lisa for a chat anyway and she was going to have an early night so I wouldn't have gone out after all. I felt better after that and went upstairs and talked to Ali and had a bath and chilled out, then came downstairs and watched Andrew Denton (who I think I have a crush on, he's so cool) and helped Raimey with an assignment and went to bed.

Its beginning to sink in now that Horrible Assignment is dead and gone, and that after next week it's my birthday, which I'm really looking forward to, and uni will be more or less over. I have exams and stuff but I'm not overly worried about them.... yet?

I think I stress too much. I think I'm not assertive enough. I think I let little things get too me. I think I dream too much and do too little.

But I'm so thankful too.... for my mum and dad and sisters and incredible friends and the opportunity to be educated and my ripping job and my church and God's love and my future.... In the balance, I think I come out pretty good.

What can you say?


on May 25, 2004
When's your b'day?
on May 25, 2004
If there's something I should have learned a long time ago, it's this: If you feel like giving someone a call or sending them a message... just do it!

I was bored out of my brain on Monday night, transportless, hungry and was going to see what you were up to... but I didn't. I was hoping that you'd completed and delivered your assignment in maximum awesomeness though. I ended up just listening to the J's (who had on some _wicked_ songs and was hosted all night by Mya Jupiter) and nerded around with a mini-computer I managed to get my hands on. Nat dropped round and gave me back my sunnies at one stage and we had some mango Home Icecreams *drools4mango*. We should have all hooked up... *sighs* Next time, Gadget!

"What can you say?", you say?
Hows about Chipolte! Primate! Huzzah! or "Anyone for parfait?"

Indeed. I think you came out just great.
on May 25, 2004
macky -- my birthday is 5 june and i'm super excited! and i have the happy fortune of having my birthday fall on a saturday this year. how tiggeriffic is that?

waynestar -- if only i had thought of those exemplary phrases earlier, i would have known exactly what to say. what would i do without you? (i'd probably be inconsolable for about 20 minutes, then i'd get over it, minime) as for your not-calling me AND having a cool time with nat, you are hereby expelled from my group of friends ... until about 7:30 tonight. i really felt like having a bible study on monday... we totally have to kickstart that thing soon.