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In a perfect world, that would be a valid excuse for speeding
Published on May 13, 2004 By Teegstar In Misc
Hey yo

It's another gorgeous night -- really, my whole life is pretty gorgeous. Sure its not always smooth sailing, it has its ups and downs, it's not a bed of roses (hands up if you hate cliches *thrusts both hands in the air... and a foot*) but on the whole it's great. I'm at work at the moment, doing some printing. In about five minutes when I'm finished I'm going to go home and eat food. I'm so blessed.

There's no real point to this entry... such is the beauty of blogging.

La chiam!


on May 13, 2004
Beastie Boys have a new album coming out! W00t!

I'll soon be able to play them and be booked for speeding in my OWN car!! I'll try to be on my best behavior though. It's not a hire car after all