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Published on April 29, 2004 By Teegstar In Misc
I currently have waves of relief washing over me. Sitting in my (increeeeedibly boring) lecture just before, I had the most horrible, creeping suspicion that I had already taken one of the subjects I am enrolled in this semester. If this were so, it would mean that, not only had *I* paid hundreds of dollars to take a subject I had already taken, but I would get no academic credit for it, I would have to take another subject to make up for it, my graduation may have been delayed, I had already submitted assessment and was contributing to group assessment... the list of nasties goes on.

You may be thinking to yourself, "well this chicky may be at uni but she's obviously not that smart: how could you get to the 8th week of semester and not notice you'd taken a subject before?". Well my dear condescending hypothetical question-asker, you don't go to my uni. It seems to be a matter of course (excuse the pun) for the decision-makers in the Business School to change everything -- course codes, assessment criteria, program outlines -- every two or three years. They had changed all the course codes the year that I began my studies (to celebrate my arrival, I presume) and then decided to change them all again this year, sending the student body sailing into a pit of confusion. The other part of this is that the subjects I take for marketing often go over ground covered in past semesters, so things are often familiar.

Anyway the cumulative effect of this was that I nearly had a heart attack in my lecture before (which although unpleasant was an almost welcome diversion), so in the break I rushed into this computer lab to check my studies report. To give you a bit more inside info, the course I'm taking this semester is called Consumer Behaviour and the course I had previously taken was Organisational Behaviour. With the similarity in name and content, coupled with the fact that I took OB about two years ago, perhaps you can sympathise with my momentary panic.

I'm sure my lecture has started again and as much as I am tempted to go and do something useful, like eat icecream, I need to ask my lecturer about some assessment at the end of the lecture.

Higher education: not for the fainthearted,


on Apr 29, 2004
- thanks for telling me this Teegs... just when i was seriously considering taking it up again!!!

on Apr 29, 2004
Hi Teegs,
I understand what you went through. I too had terrible trouble when planning my subjects for uni.

I actually did both the behaviour subjects, I like the consumer behaviour one the most though.

on Apr 30, 2004
Oh Panic Attacks... how I love them. Like car accidents, traffic jams, cats and Jessica Simpson... only add all those together and multiply about 100 times. I used to have quite a problem with them so I know far too well what you were feeling like. The sinking feeling of utter helplessness... the fear and scattered thoughts. I just pray it wasn't too much for you to handle and that it doesn't happen again any time soon.

Just another one of life's frustrations that you can blame on an unorganised education system...

Peace! d
on Apr 30, 2004
I know what you're going through! I've graduated from University and I'm still anxious that someone from the registrar's office is going to call me to revoke my degree, and letting me know that I really did need to take one more A section CUST course.
Good luck!
on Apr 30, 2004
Glad it turned out the way it did Teegs! The whole registration and school thing can be amazingly stressful. I finally got to the point I had to relax about it.