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Let's destroy the mystery
Published on April 19, 2004 By Teegstar In Misc
After the comments and discussion that resulted from my last article, I thought I would indulge my self-centredness and possibly at the same time shed some light upon who I am by writing an entry about... me. Not what happened to me today, not my recent gastronomic fetish, not even an expose on why Christian girls find it so easy to avoid having sex (but that is to come). About me.

Name: Tegan -- you can call me Teegs or Teegstar. I'm not putting my surname in because I don't think I could handle the truckloads of fanmail. Sorry.

Gender: Female -- there seemed to be some uncertainty in the comments. I was quietly pleased about that, not because I harbour a desire for a sex change but because I hope I have broad appeal that isn't sullied by gender. Is that crazy? I can't even really explain my reasoning properly, but I was pleased nonetheless. To avoid future confusion though, yeah, I'm a chick.

Age: a mere 20 years. My 21st birthday is in about a month and a half (preparations for the party of the century have begun). I'm not going to pretend I'm mature for my age because, let's face it, I'm not! I don't think I ever will be. Life as a kid is way funner.

Location: currently in a computer lab at uni. To put that in perspective, the uni is in St Lucia, which is a suburb in Brisbane, which is a city in Queensland, which is a state in Australia, which is a country in the Southern Hemisphere, which is a hemisphere of planet Earth, which is a planet in the Sol solar system.... you get the picture. (Hey did anyone ever read My Place In Space when they were a kid? I loved that book!)

Occupation: I'm a full-time uni student studying a dual degree: Bachelor of Business Management (majoring in marketing) and Bachelor of Journalism. I'm in my fourth year of studying and will graduate mid-way through next year. It seems like a long time since I started... but the time has flown. And next July looks like a long way away... but I know that's going to fly too. As a part time job I work for my church as Kids Director, which is the best. If you want to know more about that, read my other article, Cream Puffs and Feeding the Needy (I think?)

Appearance: there were some photos of me on the site but the sites I had uploaded them to are temperamental or now non-existent and I haven't the time to relocate them. So let me describe myself.... I've got like... hair... some eyes... um, nose... and stuff...

How do you describe yourself?

Let's start at the top. I have brown hair. Sometimes it's curly and sometimes it's spazzy. There isn't much in between, and you need esp to know which one it's going to be on any particular day. At the moment it reaches about my shoulders.
Moving down... right, eyes. They're brown and have eyebrows on top of them. My skin is olive-ish, thanks to my Dad's dubious breeding (legend has it we are comprised of Chinese, Italian, Native American and... I can't remember, but we're more than mixed).
More on the face... nose, mouth, the usual. I have ears too -- they're pierced (I got them done when I was 18).
Neck, followed by shoulders, arms, and the like. Nothing really out of the ordinary about those, although I think my arms are a bit hairy. I blame my Italian ancestors. Waist, hips, legs, feet.... I have big feet (ladies' size 10).
Random fact: the toes on my right foot are slightly bigger than the ones on my left. Isn't that weird? I didn't realise that until one day when I was 17 and I was lying down in the car with my feet up on the steering wheel for some strange reason. What a revelation.

After the feet there's just the floor. The end of me.
Oh yeah, I'm 173cm (5'9") and I have no idea what I weigh. About 60kg, maybe a bit more. I'm not fat and I'm not really skinny. Actually I really like my weight -- how often does a girl say that?

If this was one of those annoying online quizzes that get sent around every once in a while, this would probably be the section where I would talk about my likes and dislikes, views on relationships and the colour of my toothbrush. However that's the sort of stuff that comes out in my normal writing, and it's the basics that I've outlined above which are sometimes less apparent. Which contrasts with real life where you can tell most of the stuff I've said by just looking at someone, but not know much about who they are or how they think.

The Internet is a strange medium.

Tell me your thoughts or anything I've forgotten. Who are you guys? I'm know others have already posted on this before, but if you feel like replying, reply!

I like my marketing tutor but I don't like the way he teaches,


on Apr 19, 2004
I can relate to you in so many ways... I too have a nose and a face.

oh, and I'm in school too.

I knew all along that you were a lady, cause you replied to one of my articles a while back that no one else replied to. I wouldn't have pictured you being 5'9", and I don't know why.

This is a good 'get to know you' type article. I almost wrote one eerily similar to this today, but I decided not to cause I've been too self-centered lately.

Blog On Sister
on Apr 19, 2004
Hi Tegan,

Im only new, but i've had a chance to read some of your posts already

Thanks for the insite into who you are.

Look forward to more posts from you
on Apr 20, 2004
What is it with you doing strange things with your feet in cars? I think you mentioned something like that in another post also involving a ferry ride of some description. I hope, for your own saftey, that the car was in a stationary position while you had your feet on the steering wheel! If not, your unexpected skills as a female stunt driver has just knocked your radness up a few notches

I've often wondered about your genealogy and stuff like that... so... cheers for clearing that up!

Peace Out!
on Apr 20, 2004
imajinit: i hope you didn't not post your article on yourself because of what Jeremy said -- i like reading about other people

tomc@t: i've seen some of your stuff already too and i like your style... also i hope it works out (one way or the other) with the random chick who phoned you

waynestar: unfortunately (or not?) the car was parked at the time. although i may have been radder had the car been moving, i probably would also be deadder. i think i may have chosen the better option (live and moderately rad or dead and awesome? another groovy topic for conversation...). rock on.
on Apr 20, 2004
Good to meet you Teegs. I think that, like imajinit, I am seeing a commonality amongst many of us here. Although the hair thing is a little short on my as I just buzzed it off recently.

Entertaining read, and always nice to get to know some of the folks here.
on Apr 20, 2004
I've been reading your stuff for the last little while, and I like it.

I'm from Canada, am a girl (I tend to get the assumption that I am a guy, too, from time to time.), have long dark black hair, am about 5'6 in height, and since I've started running, am currently losing weight in my chest area, rather than my ass, as I would have hoped. Hopefully, my body is just redistributing, otherwise, I'm going back to sitting on the couch and eating potato chips. Random fact: I have a twin, and while our vision used to be very different from each other (I had glasses at 10, she at 20), it's almost par now. Weird.
on Apr 20, 2004
A very engaging piece of writing

I am an 18 year old girl from Pakistan. I started blogging only yesterday and have read very few articles by different people. I seem to enjoy this for it takes me out of my frame of mind for sometime and writing, of course, is therapeutic I would like to stick around here and read and write for more time but these days I am stuck with my upcoming A'Level exams.

It was good to know that you are from Australia. I am planning to apply there as an undergraduate student.
gotta run. loads to do!
on Apr 20, 2004
Welcome, Teegs.

I'm 34 (35 in June...but don't let that fool you), British but living in the US (going back to the UK in August), married to an AF Police Investigator, I have 3 kids, aged 11, 9 and 7, and I'm a trainee Private Investigator. I'm 5'2", about 120 lbs, and I too am pretty happy with my weight. I have short brown hair and blue eyes, and I sometimes wear glasses.