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And I'm SPENT!
Published on April 7, 2004 By Teegstar In Blogging

I should preface this entry with the disclaimer that I am currently EXTREEEMELY overtired and Sane Tegan (who is not currently present) takes no responsibility for anything that may end up posted as a result of CrazyOvertiredWhackedOutAndProbablyShouldCurrentlyBeWritingAnAssignment Tegan's typing. Having said that, this will probably now turn out to be a really non-abnormal blog.

When I was thinking of how to begin this just now I was going to launch into Ja-Ja Binks speak ("Meesa Ja-Ja Binksa") but as I began to type I realised I didn't know how to spell anything so it would actually be readable. Which is just was well I suppose and I should have done myself the favour of not bringing it up, shouldn't I? As I cast my mind back to circa 1999 or 2000 A.D., I seem to recall someone telling me there was a website which would translate whatever you typed in into Ja-Ja Binksese. I have no idea whether that was an urban myth or not, and truth be known I don't really care. The above paragraph has much more to do with my penchant for silly voices and languages than any computer animated Star Warsian character fetish. A distinction, I would like to point out, which suggests that while I may be a little bizarre, at least I'm not... like... REALLY bizarre.

Before I typed that, that was going to be a whole lot wittier.

Well. Here I am, at uni in the radio newsroom (shh! Don't tell anyone, I'm not even a radio journalism student! ...but before you admire me for my hard-core rebelliousness, I should admit that there are no rules preventing me from being here) about to put the finishing touches on my last uni assignment for the term and hand it in. When I put it like that it makes me think that I should put this blog on hold, finish the stupid assignment and then come back and write a bunch of nothing to a group of complete strangers (do you feel special, dear readers?). In fact, I probably should. Besides, anything else I would have written today probably would have either been the same old talk about how quickly the year is going or a blow-by-blow account of why I'm so tired today. So in an effort to be conscientious, with the added benefit of conserving precious finger-typing and brain-thinking energy, I will leave it there.

Topic for pondering: Do you ever wonder who invented the whiteboard? Wasn't the blackboard good enough? There are racial issues there that I'm not even going to touch.

Teegstar.... that's what I are.

on Apr 08, 2004
here is more to distract you http://quizilla.com/users/BaalObsidian/quizzes/How%20grammatically%20sound%20are%20you%3F/
on Apr 08, 2004

I am a Grammar God! The site said so! How good do I feel!!!!!!! (or to be gramatically correct should that be "feel?????????")

-- well no matter what you think, I'm now a deity of the dash, a mistress of the modifier and the protector of the pronoun.

I only have one thing to say about all this: me be pleazed alot!!
on Apr 08, 2004
The Jar Jar (not Ja Ja) Binks translator is called the Jar-Jargonizer and is found at: http://www.hit-n-run.com/jarjar.html 
on Apr 12, 2004
KarmaGirl, you're the bomb!! thanks