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Published on May 16, 2006 By Teegstar In Movies & TV & Books
Hey you guys

What's doing? I just kind of feel like writing at the moment -- even though I'm at work and already writing a whole lot of other stuff. I'm feeling just generally positive about life today. I'm having a good hair day and I'm debuting a gorgeous teal coat I acquired in Sydney last month, I just went out on an interesting interview and I have a full-but-not-too-full afternoon that should still see me get out of work on time. All is well.

Add to this the EXTREMELY AWESOME fact that I have two ad-free episodes of House on my desk that Matthew and I will devour tonight!!! We missed last week's episode (which I understand was awesome) because we were out watching comedian Daniel Kitson -- who was adorably, if foul-mouthedly, hilarious -- and my sister taped over the recording she made. Worst part was she taped over it with Sweet Home Alabama, a movie that I like, partly because it has Patrick Dempsey (of Grey's Anatomy fame) in it. Good at that flick is though, it has nothing on a previously-unviewed episode of House.

But fear not! Lucky me, I work in a newsroom where television stations post preview tapes of shows. The blessed entertainment writer here has lent me last week's episode AND tonight's episode, with the endorsement, "House gets SO much better, Tegan". This coming from one of the show's most devoted fans. So I'm pumped.

I'm going to leave this there and get back a-writin'.


on May 20, 2006
Tegan lives!

I love House too.