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Hey everyone

I feel very content right now -- warm, dry and well fed. All good things to be thankful for, especially as there are so many who can't say the same, but even more exciting for me at the moment as for the past four days it was pretty rare that I fit into any of those categories!

I've just come back from Sonfest, a big Christian music festival held out in a little country town west of Brisbane (Queensland, Australia) which I s'pose is kind of like a Christian version of Sunbury or something. It poured with rain almost the entire time we were there, but that almost made it even more fun. There was ankle deep mud almost everywhere, including the mosh pits. On ordinary Sonfest years you get dirty (we even wrote a poem called Mud Snot last year to prove it) but this year was something else. Everyone's feet were permanently mud-encrusted and everything was sodden. Half our tents were flooded on the first night and we had our own personal creek running through our campsite which we even swam in (a bad idea, especially if you don't like grass in your undies -- er, only speaking from what I heard from others of course). But it was so fun.

The bands went off -- I was lazy and did a lot of not listening to music but the bands I did hear were great. Special mention must go to Gerald -- awesome skanking fest resulting in really weird blisters on my toes; Coma -- hardcore, growly stuff that I would ordinarily hate but they were great performers and their whole show was really sharp; and of course Maverick, which I'm totally biased towards because all my friends are in it, but they were too cool for school. Oh and Footstool Rhyme (awesome Christian Aussie hip hop trio). And how could I forget Scat. And of course there was Audiology and Soulframe...

There's tons I could say and reminisce about but the fact I'm severely sleep deprived is having its effect on both my brain and fingers so I won't say much more. Some random memories from the week though....

Crash-tackling my sister into knee-deep mud; meeting Sideshow Bob's non-animated twin; severely offending a guy by asking him if he was Matt from Australian Idol; watching one of the most...interesting... performances of American Pie I've ever been priveleged to witness; singing improv jazz at the Campus stage; spilling hot milo on Rocco's mattress.... thrice; not washing my hair for three days and realising I could take out my hair-tie and my hair stayed where it had been before; walking aimlessly around Boonah at 3am; and finally, my 'breakfast' this morning -- some random chick who threw handfuls of No Frills Cocoa Puffs at me to see how many I could catch in my mouth.

Take care of your feet: you never know when you're going to need them to kick someone face down into thick clay mud and jump up and down on their head.

ps. Will post photos when I get them
on Jan 18, 2004
I always wanted my first time to be special.... and it was

The weekend was fantabulously siloubrious! This being the second christian music fest i've ever attended (after AGMF '03), I had a few expectations for my first ever Sonfest and they were almost all taken care of by the end of performances on day one (Thursday). The last two days were totally wicked awesome! I dont think it would have been anywhere near as enjoyable without the rain/mud/stench and without meeting one, two or maybe three seriously cool people. It does feel pretty strange right now not having crap between your toes and walking on surfaces that are actually comfortable.

Musical highlights include jammin & groovin to the magically suave Scat, new songs from Void if Removed, seeing Coma unrelentingly thrash my ear drums, every act/band I saw in The Fridge, seeing Newsboys totally scintillating and energetic show and seeing Footstool Rhyme spit their shiznit while breakdancers busted some moves.

Some things that sucked are that I missed Gerald, Rookie (AGAIN!), and Another Day Down and that we had to come home so soon. But considering the state of the 'amenities', i'm kinda glad I came home today.

Now I know your views on copied music and stuff but I was wondering if you would like a CD full of aussie hip-hop at all? Most of the tracks i'm thinking of putting on there are generally hard to find but immensely enjoyable. Let me know if you'd like one.

Peace Out...
on Jan 19, 2004
salubrious -- meaning nutritious (though it was certainly a spiritually nutritious couple of days)

sorry it's an automatic reaction. i think i'm destined to be a proofreader what a calling in life.

the offer of the aussie hip hop cd is an offer almost too good to refuse. however i should
probably say no, though suggestions for what i should look and listen out for would be heartily
welcomed. i am studiously trying to wean myself onto actually purchasing cds -- birthdays and
christmases are too far apart. really, really thank you though for offering -- i'm touched that you
thought of me

argh that hurt to turn down. i really should start a cd fund.

hey my sister said resin dogs (amongst a number of other great bands, including jamiroquai,
one of my favourites) were playing at the riverstage sometime soon. apparently tickets are pretty
expensive but i know from experience the riverstage has great acoustics and sound carries well
out of the paid seating area. food for thought....
on Jan 19, 2004
Wow sounds like you had a great time. Wish I could have been there. I love song fests. Looking forward to the photos. GCJ
on Jan 26, 2004
heya. prob dont remember me but i met ya at sonfest. i know that cause i slept in 1 of the maverics fans tent. named lee. just browsin lookin for a website on COMA. but there are no sites on coma yet but it led me to come accross here. i have no idea what im doing here, or even what this site is. but i read ya stuff and it was pretty cool to read. sonfest was heaps cool. and yeah MAVERIC ROCKS same with come. to bad i duno where to get their music. its real cool how i got to know carrah and dewi real well too. those to are great pplz . again i have no idea why i am here or what im doing but GOOD STUFF!!! sonfest rocked

ya face looks farmiliar from the photo, i think i mighta asked you for a towel. anyway i had red hair. thats the best i can describe me hehe

anyway, if ya a friend of maveric then ya gota be a real cool person. take care and god bless.
scotty (did i just make an idiot of myself? realy? cool!)
on Feb 01, 2004
hey scotty you star
yeah i think i remember you -- your tent flooded didn't it? thanks for posting a message and no, you didn't make a fool of yourself. i would have been totally cut if i'd discovered (somehow....) that you'd come to my site and not left your mark!
hope all's well with you and your mate who stayed with us too. we'll probably see you at another gig sometime -- be sure to come up and say hi!

on Feb 29, 2004
yep our tent flooded, thats the 1. thnx 4 well wishes and if u go to AGMF with maverick ill see u there cause they r so cool i would never miss them.
anyway until then take care and god bless