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Published on July 25, 2004 By Teegstar In Misc

It's my first day of uni -- first day of my last full-time semester. I had my first lecture before, for Business Policy and Strategy. The final exam for that subject is worth 70%. Talk about pressure! I'm not like my friends who take courses with names like Advanced Computer Nerdulance and Mysterious Coding Languages 1000 who elect to take their final exam as worth 100% of their mark. (Who then go on to fail the subject despite the fact that the are practically Mensa candidates, all because they thought they could get away with studying through the night and still pass). No, I like to spread it out a little more. Anyway I'm not too worried about that.

What is annoying me no end at the moment is the fact that Claudius has been studiously silent this past week or so (For those who have forgotten so quickly, Claudius is my phone). I am eagerly awaiting a call from a certain newspaper telling me that yes, it's confirmed and I have a job with them but so far I'm still waiting. I tried ringing again about half an hour ago but the person I need to speak to is away sick today so it looks like the waiting is to continue. It's frustrating, not just because I have given up my other job for this position as well as completely rearranged my uni timetable for it but because I've been left in limbo like this. I just want to know one way or the other so I can get on with everything.

Anyway I'm going to go and buy some textbooks.

Still need sleep,


on Jul 25, 2004
Good luck Teegs, I think you've got a bloody good chance. The fella's just sick. By the way how do I make a "My favourites" thing?
on Jul 25, 2004
Hey Cheer up chicken - your favourite song Slice of Heaven is on 96.5 RIGHT NOW - I'm thinking of you
other then that I don't know what too say. Love You

*Rom I answered your above question on your homework blog
on Jul 25, 2004
I just walked outside (of the study) and All Star United was on the radio - the song that most reminded me of rocco - remember that quiz where you write down one to 5? and name a person of the opposite sex and name like 4 songs and I just named the ones on my napster at the time - which happened to be "if we were lovers" Yuck - Arh 2001 how I don't miss you at all

Hey we rearranged our loungeroom - the TV is beside the bench, the dvd player is hooked up through the stereo and the xbox is under the tv - I don't know why I just told you that.

Hope my insane randomness is taking your mind off stuff - Love You

Juice we need juice in July August and December - anytime at all
on Jul 26, 2004
i love both of you soooo much -- thanks heaps for the encouragement

the favourites thing.... um you have to go into "my account" but from there i can't remember...!!