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Published on May 4, 2004 By Teegstar In Personal Computing
Let's be honest: I'm a girl of many facets, many past hair colours and many email addresses. I accumulate email addresses like male bower birds accumulate shiny blue things or my sister accumulates dirty clothes (normally my clothes which she has borrowed from me) on her bedroom floor.

There's my original email address that I began in 1998 that I still use, my Christian-sounding domain name account (now expired), my supervillain alter-ego account (also expired), the account I started when my friends and I named ourselves after the Wiggles (Australian kids' entertainers; account also expired), my trying-to-be-witty-but-too-long-for-anyone-to-remember account (expired!), my wannabe journalist-sounding account, my uni email account, my ZAAPgirl account and the one that I use most often, which is a teeny-bopper sounding name based on a brief joke and dress up party that happened three years ago.

I use my different accounts for different things: uni email for communicating with lecturers; original email addy for mailing lists, old overseas friends and uni friends; my journo-sounding one for communicating with online *friends* who may turn out to be psycho stalkers and for accumulating scores of spam emails on a daily basis; my ZAAPgirl one for 'fan mail' from the kids who get the ZAAP newsletter; and the teeny-bopper one for corresponding with my group of friends.

I think you'll agree that I've got all the bases covered. So why did I just start another email account?

Don't worry, I don't have some strange obsessive compulsive email-starting disorder which will make me end up as the online equivalent of one of those "Messiest House In Queensland" stories A Current Affair insists on running on a quarterly basis. You know, the ones where because the poor little old man refuses to throw away his milk bottle lid collection he gets paraded like a lunatic on national television. No, I'm not an email hoarder.

Actually, the whole time I have been writing this article (and the main reason I started writing this morning is because I was getting tired of my Panic Attacks headline and wanted something different) I thought I was heading towards some revelationary truth about my email-account starting behaviour, but now that it's time for me to divulge it, I'm not really sure what it is. I just felt like an email address that wasn't so teeny-bopper-y. And if the new email provider works for me, maybe it'll become my preferred email account. If not, it can just die like the others.

Wow. Bit of a lame ending for a pretty lame blog. I should probably write something else and post it straight away so people don't see this if they click through to my blog. Well I won't prolong the pain any further: email discussion finished.

If you're green when envious, red when angry and blue when depressed, what colour are you when you're bored out of your brain?


on May 04, 2004
Grey--spelled with an "e" not an "a"

but I wasn't bored...
on May 04, 2004
that's what i thought too!

thanks for not being bored
on May 04, 2004
I love your writing style--it's like a conversation.

However, I'm a bit concerned that you named yourselves after the Wiggles! eeck!
on May 05, 2004
Sorry I started that - and it was the Schmiggles and for about 6months I added SCHM to just about every word under the sun. Come to think of it I was also responsible for the teeny boppy nickname because of a joke at a costume party 3 years ago - it was my 18th. *sigh*